Reasons to Optimized Your Website For Mobiles

If you have a website you have to care about your mobile website also. because most of users coming through the mobiles. A a web design company in Sri Lanka web can design attractive, user friendly mobile website for satisfy your requirements. Cyberexpert web design Sri Lanka, always try to make a strong relationship with our clients. So our web designs are high quality, user friendly and affordable.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile website (responsive website) is  a mobile friendly website that is specially designed for small screens, such as iphones, android mobiles, tablets and etc. Standards desktop website not render properly for all devices. That is the reason we have to make a mobile website.

Why Mobile Website Important?

Everyone’s on mobile

1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. So we have to care about the mobile traffic. If we ignore the mobile users defiantly we will lost huge amount of businesses. We have to developed well optimized mobile site for attract more visitor for our website.

Over half of web traffic is mobile.

As of May, 2014, mobile devices consumption was 21% higher than that of desktop devices, accounting for a 51% of all digital media consumption.

That means over half of all web traffic is via mobile devices. If you are interested in attracting mobile traffic , you need to be think about the mobile website.

Google search engine prioritizes mobile-friendly websites

In April 2015, the Google algorithm change that occurred tweaked the way that Google displays mobile search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile rank better than those who don’t – plain and simple.

Your business will be seen as modern and relevant.

You might offer some of the most useful, valuable, and unique products or services on the market, but if your website’s mobile experience is poor or non-existent, your company will be seen as a digital dinosaur – encouraging people to seek help elsewhere. On the other hand, mobile-friendly websites are seen as contemporary, cutting-edge and legit – they are how you get your foot in the door with anyone that has a smartphone.

We are expertise in web design & web development sector. So we can make your website with better user experience. If you want your website to perform well and support your business, you need to make it mobile-friendly. It can only help you move forward to achieve the growth and success that you’re meant for. Call us today with your web design, web development, website re-design or seo requirement. We can help you to build a better website with affordable price.